Eden / Merimbula Fishing Reports

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Dated: 24/04/2016


Swordfish, Swordfish and more Swordfish!!! This week. Well known fisherman and TV host Lee Rayner made headlines in the fishing world this week when he and his team landed not 1 but 3 magnificent Swordfish to 135kg. These three fish came shortly after a recent capture of a sword fish in Lakes Entrance (reported to be the first recreational captured swordy in Victoria).
The Striped marlin bite has also been going very well with plenty of fish pushing 100kg being taken. Most have been taken trolling medium to large style skirted lures out over the shelf. Some quality fish have also been taken dropping live baits such as yellowtail scad and slimy mackerel around bait balls and suspicious looking marks on the sounder.
In other offshore news there have been heaps of good sized sand flathead around the 30-40ft mark with fish to 55cm being taken using paternoster rigs with squid and pilchards as bait. The odd kingfish has also been taken mainly as by catch while targeting flatties. These fish have been very decent quality though with most fish pushing high 90s to low 100s. The gummy fishing has also been alright with a few average sized fish to 120cm being taken on fresh strip baits fished close to the bottom with the aid of berley.


Dated: 03/02/2016

Lots of Black, Blue and Striped Marlin being tagged this week. Yellowfin Tuna also Caught. Marlin at approx. 70-80 fathom

Bermagui Fishing Reports

Dated: 22/04/2016

Kingfish played the game again this morning in great conditions. Offshore the Marlin bite continues both inside the edge for Stripes and the odd nice yellowfin and Blue Marlin out wider. Although a nice Blue is being hooked or seen just on the edge most days also. It's a great time of year for Striped Marlin fishing.


Dated: 23/02/2016

A few boats had a double header today and Escape and Real Weapon managed to land both. Bait was still tough but better than yesterday. A few boats picked up a fish in the morning and then there was a bit of bite after lunch. Chart attached, looks good from Eden to Merimbula. Outside the 12 mile is hard to leave on the back of the number of fish that have been caught there, bait is holding there most days whether lots or a little (past 4 days) it's been fairly consistent.

Member Story

Last Saturday while most of the boats were at Bermi for Blue Water Classic, I went out with Daniel Hughes on Liquid Asset.  Launching from Eden at about 6am we motored out to 40+ fathoms straight out the front and put out the lures.  At around 50 fathoms we saw a Marlin just resting on the surface.  There was not much activity then at about 8.30 we hooked up.  As I had never caught a Marlin before, Daniel kindly said that the first was mine.  After about a 15-20min fight we got him to the boat and tagged it but it did not like being jabbed in the side and took off again diving deep.  After another 15-20 mins we got him to the side again by which time I was feeling spent.  We took the lure out, swam him alittle and let him go.   We had not long got the lures back into the water when we got hit again.  This one was Daniels.  Unfortunately it got tail wrapped and put up little resistance as it was brought to the boat.  The fish was OK and after a photo session swam free.  That was two fish tagged for the boat before 9.30am.  We saw 3 more before the day was out but were not able to hook any.